Lasalle School Homabay

These virtues can be categorized into four categories based on how we can apply them in our daily life activities.  All lasallians involved in the education mission can apply the usage of these virtues in different ways applicable to their lives.


First Category.

Personal relationship with God


Frequent raising one’s mind and heart to God, especially on behalf of one’s students.


Second Category

Are very helpful in the development of a personal relationship with self.  One can only relate with others after he or she has successfully related with self.  They include;



Sound judgement, good sense, ability to listen, steadiness in any circumstance.  It also involves how to make use of self-intelligence in different situations.



Composure, deliberateness, especially in difficult moments.  Reflective patterns and factors leading to a person’s internal decision making process.



Self-discipline and restraint, even when annoyed. Knowing whom or what you are dealing with and knowing the right timing of when to react or respond.  Doing things in moderation.



Refinement, self and Kindness, as described in De La Salle’s writings.  The act of balancing kindness and firmness, courtesy and authority.  Requires the use of other virtues like prudence and wisdom.


Third Category of virtues

Very necessary for developing relationship with others.


Gravity (Seriousness/Dignity)

Assured composed presence eliciting respect from others. Maintaining relationship requires balancing act of familiarity, intimacy, kindness, professional climate when required and humor among others.


Being human is not an option for us but part of us from creation.  Being modest, willingness to admit one’s mistake and take corrections, courtesy towards others, treating all with respect.



Purifies the action done by prudence and further gives the reason behind the action.  Discernment, circumspection, making judgement based on sufficient knowledge and reasons.


Fourth category

Essential in the application of daily work involvement of a person.  Your daily routine at work and executing your duties.



Accepting our mission and assignment willingly and lovingly gives us the energy to serve with certain kind of confidence and freedom.  We perform better when working without stress.  Enthusiasm and warmth, cheerful involvement in all aspects of our work environment.



Awareness of our environment.  A lot is happening around us, hence, the ability to be alert on what is happening and how it is affecting us and our work.  Awareness can be looked at in the following manner;

To look – directing our eyes towards a certain direction or towards something

To watch – giving attention to what we are looking at

To see – Identifying the details of what we are paying attention at.



It is in giving that we get more.  Requires the use of many other virtues as it comes from the heart.  Unselfishness, readiness to do more than required to the others.  There are many references to this virtue in the Bible and our daily life experiences.