Lasalle School Homabay

On 10th Dec 2022, Lasalle School, Homa Bay participated in Martial art competition in the City of Mombasa.  It was the Kwale County Tae Kon Ndo open championship where participants came from all over Kenya.  Our Students experienced a great exposure from other students from all over the country. This was a great exposure for them to see and experience the difference between them and others at their level.

The Championship covered different categories and we were mainly participating at junior level because our kids are still very young.  There were other Senior categories of which we have not yet reached.  In our Lasalle Tae Kon ndo club we have incooporated a few children from other schools who have also joined us and they are doing very well.
Our Lasalle Tae Kon ndo club managed to gather 5 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals and 8 Bronze at Junior Category from a mixed team of boys and girls.  We managed position two overall as a club and this was tremendous for such a young team in our category.
The event was sponsored by Kenya Federation of Tae Kon Ndo.  The Federation will now Select a team at different categories who will proceed next year in April to Kigali Rwanda.  This will be the East African Championship Tournament.
It will be a Genocide Memorial tournament to remember the Rwandan genocide which took place some decades ago.  Different East African Countries will participate in this one.  We shall be informed by early next year those who will participate from our team.