Lasalle School Homabay


Kindly, read and consent;

  • STEP 1:

I, the undersigned Parent/Guardian do hereby confirm, consent to and agree that:

1. I understand that the Data Protection Act, 2019 requires La Salle School (hereinafter referred to as ‘the School’), Homa Bay to obtain parental consent for processing of my child’s/children personal data including taking photographs or filming and all formats of personal data collected by the school including but not limited to print and digital information, texts and images, documents, records and recordings (hereinafter referred to as ‘personal data’) during School functions and subsequent publishing of the personal data on the School’s various media channels.

2. I understand that during the School’s functions including but not limited to graduations, the School will collect personal data of pupils and parents/guardians in attendance.

3. I understand that such personal data may include my child/children or myself while participating in the school functions and may be published in any of the following Media Channels operated by the School (the list is not exhaustive); i. The School website, ii. The school’s social media pages namely X, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram and Whatsapp, iii. The school’s publications including brochures, fliers, school diary, notebooks, calendar, letters, newsletters, magazine, success cards, class photos and printed photos (frames, albums and notice board), iv. The school’s television devices (if any), v. Media advertisements including newspapers, television, radio and outdoor advertising for marketing purposes.

4. I understand that additional personal data that may be processed by the school during its functions may include my child’s/children name and grade and that this personal data may also be published in the school’s media channels mentioned in Clause (3) above.

5. I hereby give my unconditional authority and consent for the school to collect and process my child’s/children personal data including photographs, videos, name and grade during school functions and for purposes of publishing the same in its school media channels.

6. I hereby consent to have the school process my child’s/children personal data for the purposes stated in this Consent Form and hereby waive any right to protest or object to the use of and publication of my child’s/children personal data and also waive any right to claim against the school under the Data Protection Act, 2019 for such use or publication.

7. I understand that my child’s/children personal data including photographs and videos taken by third parties during the school functions for their personal use and publishing are not covered by this Consent Form since such third parties will not have been authorized by the school to process the said personal data and I will not hold the school liable for breach of the Data Protection Act, 2019 for unauthorized processing of my child’s/children personal data.

8. I consent to receiving relevant information on the school's products and services, learning support and materials, surveys, questionnaires and relevant events.

9. I acknowledge and confirm that I have read and understood the contents of this Consent Form and I have sought independent legal advice before signing.

10. I am aware that I reserve the right to withdraw this consent at any time.